Web Designer

Need a Website? I’ll make you one!

When I was 17 my mum gave me a book: ‘The 4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferris.
I didn’t know it back then, but this book would turn my world upside down.

Over the next years I came up with loads of project ideas and some of them required building a blog or website. So I started learning how to work with HTML, but ultimately WordPress.

Since I’m a very visual person, the ideas I had for my websites have never been easy to bring to life. Therefore the were the best teacher I could have enjoyed.

Web Designer ≠ Web Developer

I also learned, that coding wasn’t my thing. While I probably know more about it than your average internet user, I could never get passionate about it. Therefore I started searching for WordPress plugins that would do the job for me in the background, while I could work with the visual part.
I actually became really good at this over time, and can now build proper web apps, consisting of WordPress plugins.

At some point I realised, I needed to earn money with something. And since my other endeavours seldomly worked out the way I intended, I signed up my company Raindropcatcher and started creating websites for clients.

However, I have to admit that – while web design surely brings more money – I’m far more passionate about graphic design and illustration these days.